Side Passions: Illustration

I have a love for illustration… in particular, I’m a sucker for kids lit art, and have fond memories from my early years of pouring over artwork from my favourite children’s books. I have a love for flat design poster art and vintage french illustration and the magic that comes from turning something real into a whimsical expression on paper (or screen).

Those of you that read this, probably know me best for graphic design or wordpress design and development. But more recently, a few of you have started to know me for my digital illustration services as well. This little passion of mine has found life and it’s time to share it with the snippet of the world that visits this website. 🙂

If you are considering small spot illustrations or campaign illustrations for newsletters, social media or websites and feel my style is a fit for your brand, shoot me an email to discuss! More to come!

If you like what you see please follow my illustration feed on instagram @justinebicknell