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Brolly Media serves all types of business, including start-ups, restaurants, kids camps, ecommerce, corporate businesses and more. It’s philosophy is to provide professional, creative and quality design services that fit each clients individual needs. Brolly Media believes in a collaborative relationship with it’s clients – at the end of the day it’s important that you, the client, walk away with a product that feels right for you and your business. It’s a rewarding experience that everyone benefits from.

Justine Bicknell, Founder & Director

I received my earliest lessons in design and typography as a child from a UK print designer with a passion for typography. and a pioneer in the movement towards digital design and typography – my father.

Apprenticed and also formerly trained in design and photography, I have been pursuing my career in illustration, print and web design for over 25 years. Colour, form and visual harmony have always been my main inspirations – whether it be in the design of a logo, a website design or even a simple banner ad – I believe effective and beautiful design can be achieved in most anything.

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